William G. ‘Wheezer’ Dell

Wheezer Dell

Born June 11 1886 in Tuscarora

Died August 26 1966 in Independence California

Wheezer was the first Nevada native (and the first Eskimo) to play major league baseball. He played briefly for the St. Louis Cardinals and for the Brooklyn Robins — later the Dodgers — and pitched an inning in the 1916 World Series against the Red Sox — from 1915 into the 1917 season.

Marion Jones

Born November 2 1879 in Gold Hill

Died March 14 1965 in Los Angeles

She was a four-time tennis champion at the U.S. National Women’s Championships. At the 1900 Summer Olympic Games in Paris, Jones became the first American woman to earn an Olympic distinction (medals were not awarded until 1904).